Applied Science Master Program (ASM)
for International Graduate


Director's Message

NUK – College of Science (COS) is a college in orientation of scientific application. We have 5 institutes and set up unique courses to benefit students in applied science including Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Life Science. Applied Science Master (ASM) Program provides international graduates not only with the curriculum that integrates essential courses of the 5 institutes, but also with the specialized faculty who have the doctorate degree from notable universities of Europe, the US as well as Taiwan. All courses are designed in full-English teaching, so that you will not suffer any barriers during study. At the beginning of this master program, you can select a professor from this program faculty as your advisor. We will make you enjoy perfect research guidance, modern learning environment, and high-tech research equipment. In addition, we ensure you have the opportunity for learning Chinese. Importantly, we guarantee each international graduate to obtain the research scholarships from the advisor. I most sincerely welcome you, international graduates, to study ASM program in NUK.

Dr. Shih-Jye Sun
Director of ASM Program for International Graduate