International Master of Business Administration


Development Characteristics
The International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) Program is an entirely English-taught 2-year fulltime MBA program offered by the College of Management of National University of Kaohsiung. The IMBA program emphasizes the importance of learning by doing and quality interaction, providing our students good opportunities to develop a social network of local and international contacts, and develop a good channel for organizations to sponsor their potential employees and our students with project opportunities.

The IMBA offers courses of breadth, depth and diversity and meets the career needs of our postgraduate students to help prepare them to become business leaders. Our courses are tailored to meet emerging standards and industrial trends specific to China, Taiwan, and ASEAN industries. As expected, choosing to study the IMBA in Kaohsiung is a cost-effective route to a MBA degree, and could save you thousands of US dollars per year, and help you access to the biggest growing economy in the world, while giving you necessary skills to make a real valuable difference in the workplace, from marketing and management to finance and accounting information.

Postgraduate Opportunities
■ Advanced Degree Study
Those who are interested in pursuing academic careers may choose to study PhD programs in Business, Management, Finance, or Economics in Taiwan or abroad.
■ Career Opportunities
The IMBA program can help you to navigate corporate culture, and it supports our students in developing the skills they need to pursue career plan, and makes them more competitive in the job market.

Future Outlook
The IMBA will continue to provide the pioneering and quality management education. With a passionate faculty and nurturing education environment, we are committed to retaining our position as one of the leading institutions of MBA education in Taiwan, providing an excellent foundation for further advanced study and the needs of career development.

Courses Offered
The IMBA starts in the first year with six compulsory core courses. Throughout the study period, students have the option of choosing six electives in fields such as Business Administration, Finance & Accounting, E-Commerce & IT Management, and International Commerce, to empower themselves with competitive necessary skills and to suit individual interests. The IMBA students have to make use of their attained knowledge and need to submit academic assignments to prove their effectiveness. It is compulsory for every IMBA student to write an MBA dissertation to finish the IMBA program. Students are welcome and encouraged to work on the sponsored research project as the basis of their IMBA dissertation.


Director's Message

Welcome to the IMBA at National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Currently, we have students from France, Czech Republic, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain, Vietnam, Mongolia, Philippines, Colombia and Taiwan. Why should you study for the International MBA Program at NUK? First of all, the IMBA Program at NUK is a 100% English-taught program, and students are provided with an internationalized learning environment for classmates are from any corner around the world. Through multi-cultural exchange and professional knowledge sharing brought by every student, it not only creates a great learning experience, but it also would be very helpful for one who would like to pursue his or her future career in global workforce. Furthermore, the IMBA Program is composed of high quality faculty and over 95% of the faculty possessed Ph.D. degree from famous Universities in the USA and UK. With a group of high quality faculty, you may gain and develop professional knowledge in management fields, research and data analysis skills as well as the leadership. In addition, for international students, the IMBA Program offers free Chinese language course. I believe it will be an advantage for you to learn Chinese for it’s an essential tool for those who would like to enter the market in Asian countries. Moreover, in order to allow our students to put learned knowledge into practice, the IMBA Program offered opportunities visiting main high-tech industries, high-tech science parks and companies allocated in southern Taiwan, such as, Kaohsiung and Tainan. Thus, our students may have very good opportunities to visit the companies, learn the management aspects of these companies and receive better chances to be hired as one of the employees of these visited high-tech companies. Please come and join us and enjoy your study in the IMBA at NUK, Taiwan!
Dr. Yung-Kai Yang