Mandarin Learning 華語學習

Language Center of National University of Kaohsiung (NUK) was established in 2002. On January 1, 2013, the Language Center and the Chinese Language Center merged with an aim to become more globally engaged and integrated by continuing to offer Mandarin Chinese language training to international students of NUK and foreigners in Taiwan. The primary task of the Division of Chinese Language is to offer non-native speakers of Chinese with general courses in Mandarin Chinese, focusing on the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing for common everyday purposes. 










The Chinese as a Foreign Language program Courses are divided into three different levels, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, to develop learners' confidence and fluency through systematic language activities.

The Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Program Curses are designed for college graduates, postgraduates, and professional people who take an avid interest in pursuing their careers in Chinese language teaching.

Private tutoring services through a learning plan customized for various individuals. With appropriate instructional methods and materials, the Language Center ensures that language learners have an excellent mix of interesting activities and opportunities to practice their target language in smaller classes. Whatever your reason for studying languages, you will find our Language Center a friendly, supportive and encouraging environment.


華語文班(Mandarin Chinese, GWO-YU)課程大致分為初級、中級和高級等一般課程,聽、說、讀、寫並重,但依程度逐級調整比重高級課程加重閱讀和寫作訓練的比重,聽說訓練則建立在 日常會話的基礎上另外,本中心也針對學員不同的需求與興趣開設結合傳統與現代、融合東方與西方,並與華語文相關的應用課程。

◎ General Courses一般課程:

  • 初級華語 (Elementary Chinese):
  • 中級華語 (Intermediate Chinese):
  • 高級華語 (Advanced Chinese):

◎Practical Courses應用課程:

  • 華語與媒體 (Media Chinese):
  • 商用華語 (Business Chinese):
  • 中文電腦文書處理 (Computing and Writing in Chinese):
    熟悉電腦操作、中文寫作編輯,如Word, Excel等。
  • 基礎中文寫作 (Basic Chinese Writing):


For Mandarin Chinese language course information, please go to Language Center's official website.

To register, please directly contact the NUK's Language Center.