Frequent Q&A

Q1. Before application, what should I know and how to prepare?   (申請入學前須知及如何準備?)

The online application period for spring term admission is usually during late-Oct.~ mid-Nov. Other than that, if you would like to apply for fall term admission, you can choose early action or regulation action of online application, one is during late-Feb. ~ mid-Mar., the other is during late-Apr. ~ mid-May. The prospectus of admission for new coming year is usually released on our website in September. Previous application schedule announced on our website can be checked as a reference Please confirm your eligibility before you apply. Click the "Apply" button at the bottom of the  web page   to   apply   online during online application period. For your preparation for documents in advance, please see attached the new prospectus for admission application which will be released on our website in September. 


Q2. Can I take double majors at NUK?  (讀高雄大學可以雙主修嗎?)

Here we offer the response from the Division of Academic Affairs for your reference. The application for double majors will open in the first week of school starts. However, the qualification to apply for double majors or minor subjects is when you are sophomore. Here I attached two documents that I downloaded from Registration Section

It's in Chinese though. The applicant can only apply for one department as a double major, but can send another application for minor at the same time. Maybe you can also consider send both, one for a double, and one for a minor and see which one has a good result.


Q3. Can NUK offer me more scholarship information?(可以提供我多一點獎學金的資訊嗎?)

For your information, here I would like to offer you some resources for applying for scholarship in Taiwan if you need more financial aid, you can apply for:

1. The Kaohsiung City Government's International Students Scholarship can be applied for in the second semester after admission since it needs you to submit the transcript as a proof that your average grade of the first semester is over 80. For details, please go to,c91-1.php. 

2.   MOE Taiwan offers Taiwan scholarships for foreign students coming to Taiwan to learn Chinese or for admission. 

3. Taiwan Abroad Office offers a MOFA Taiwan scholarship for  foreign students coming to Taiwan for admission.

For details about point 2 & 3, please go to the introductions for scholarships:



Q4. How much is the course fee? Is there a payment plan for the program?(貴校學費大約多少?可否申請學費分期)

For the tuition fees information, please go to

If you are saying the installment plan of tuition fees, we offer three installments for paying each semester’s tuition. For your reference, please see the last file for download “NUK Tuition Fees Installments Application” on the webpage: The application form should be sent to the coordinator of International Student Affairs, Ms. Pauline Sun before the registration day. (The exact deadline of application will be announced on fb group of new admitted students by Pauline.)

Please be noted if an applicant fails half of his/her enrolled subjects last semester, it is not allowed to apply for installments for the new semester.


Q5. For the recommendation letter, is there any required format from NUK that I have to follow?(推薦信是否有規定格式?)

No, we don't have required format for applicants, but the letter has to be signed in person or with electronic signature on it by the referee.


Q6. Is the IMBA a master program completely taught in English? Is there any pre-requisite subject needed before applying since I have a bachelor's degree in engineering?(IMBA是全英文授課的碩士學位學程嗎?非本商學科系的大學生可否報考?英文檢定証書是否為必繳?)

Yes, IMBA is a fully English-taught program. Please refer to the introduction of the program on p.10 of the prospectus. To apply for the program, IMBA doesn’t require that applicants have to submit English language proficiency certificates or materials showing pre-requisite subjects or working experience related to business management, but the director of the program will interview every applicant through the internet for evaluation. In addition, English certificate is still a very good credit for application.


Q7. Is the entire application process online or do I have to send all the documents via post? (入學申請是線上申請嗎?有需要用郵寄繳交文件嗎?)

The entire application process shall be completed online. Please go to our website and click "Apply" button during online application period. 

Please make sure all the application materials are “UNLOCKED PDF files” before uploading to our website, or the merge of your application documents will be failed.


Q8. What’s the difference of requirements between foreign students and overseas Chinese students? (外籍生跟僑生在入學申請的規定上有什麼不同?)

There are a few differences between them and the main one is the Chinese language ability. The overseas Chinese students have to complete the online application with Chinese instructions and prepare all the required documents in Chinese version for uploading. Both the prospectus for overseas Chinese student’s admission and application system are in Chinese. However, the financial statement and recommendation letters which are compulsory application materials for foreign students are not listed in the required documents for overseas Chinese students. Other than that, as we know to apply for visa as an overseas Chinese students, the Taipei Abroad Office in the countries like Indonesia or Vietnam will request you to submit HSK(華語文檢定測驗証書). Please check the information here:


Q9. Because of e Covid-19 virus, it seems not possible to get the graduation diploma registered in the foreseeable future. I would also like to ask if there could be some way to submit the diploma and all the paperwork in Spanish. (因疫情無法即時辦理學歷驗証,可否提供西班牙語畢業証書及成績單申請入學?何時是繳交驗証學歷紙本資料的期限?)

It's fine for you to submit an un-notarized diploma and transcript in the application stage. However, we still need you to offer an English version of your diploma and transcript so we can read it. The entire application process for admission shall be completed online during application period. Once you are admitted, the original documents of the notarized diploma and transcript are required to bring with you to Taiwan to register at NUK before the semester begins.


Q10. What're the required documents for application for admission? (申請入學需要繳交哪些文件?)

Note: The PDF files to upload must be "UNLOCKED" files without setting any security codes, or there will be a failure causing your application unsuccessful.上傳文件必須為無保全設定之檔案,否則申請資料之合併將無法成功。

1. Certificate of Nationality護照或身份証、出生証明(Passport/residence certificate or birth certificate)

2. Highest Diploma (or Certificate of Enrolment, if you are recent graduate) notarized by Taipei Representative Office Abroad畢業証書 (如為應屆在學畢業生,可先附在學証明)

3. Official Transcript verified by Taipei Representative Office Abroad在校歷年成績單-Applicants may submit English version and non-verified one at the application stage.

4. Bank Saving Statement銀行帳戶餘額說明 (3000美元以上)-With the total amount of USD$3,000 (about NTD$100,000).

5. Certificate for Entry and Exit Dates of National Immigration Agency (Not compulsory) 出入境証明(非必要)-Only required for applicants who have dual nationality 雙重國籍者才需要提供

6.~8. Study Plan讀書計畫, Autobiography自傳, Recommendation Form推薦信

Supporting Documents (if any) (有利申請之文件,如有): English Proficiency Test Certificate英文能力証書 and/or Chinese Proficiency Test Certificate華語能力証書