Tuition Fees 學費


*上表所列金額依不同學年度可能會有些微調整。*The amount of fees are subject to be minorly adjusted per academic year. 

*查詢每學年學雜費金額,請至本校教務處(學雜費專區)。For detailed information about tuition fees, please go to Division of Academic Affairs ( ).

*應用科學碩士學位學程110學年度起停止招收。Applied Science Master Program (ASM) is non-applicable since fall 2021.


Admission Information for Download 招生文宣下載

-Brief Introduction to NUK (Brochure) 高雄大學英文簡介  

-NUK Departments (5 languaguages) 系所介紹(中英越日韓): Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean

-Tuition and Departments 學費及系所